Diploma in Photography & Cinematography

3 Year

About the course

Our newest and most path-breaking course is 3 year diploma in Photography & Cinematography that is the only course of its kind in India. In this course, you will have the opportunity to cross boundaries between disciplines as every aspect of visual storytelling is covered in minute detail. You will learn where still and motion intersect and use that point of convergence to combine the best of both worlds.


  • Admissions will be opening very soon for the year 2018- 2020 Batch.
The exposure

The courses will expose you to art history, contemporary art, still photography, colour theory, visual storytelling, lighting for stills & film, multi format cinematography and much more. You will follow a rigorous program of classroom study, self-directed projects, instructor-led workshops, and school-facilitated collaboration with industry constituents across different disciplines. The course will be driven by industry professionals who are acknowledged game changers in their disciplines. Along with imparting hard-earned and much-rewarded knowledge, they will also ensure that the training they impart helps mould a breed of professionals who are ready for the industry before the industry is ready for them. For this course, we will provide a dedicated, world class set-up comprising of studio floors, the latest in lighting and cameras, hands on work experience as well as industry internships via tie-ups with studios and channels to prepare you for the world you will graduate into. And by providing you with a context, awareness, and understanding much greater than any single-discipline approach could provide. In this course your work will grow, your ability to adapt and succeed in today’s world will be reinforced, and you will become a much better professional ready for the challenges that faze other students when they step out of their campuses.