Level 5 Certification, to help you reach another level.

Edexcel Certification

BVSP always believed in providing qualification that can bring students on par with International standards. We want our students to study in India rather than going abroad but at the the same time, we want to empower them to explore pursuing higher studies from international universities.

Our education methodology gives unique experiences to our students:

  • Applied, practical, work-related methodologies

  • Knowledge and skills enhancements

  • Criterion-referenced assessments

  • Opportunity driven, by way of giving students live projects

  • Assessment based evaluations

  • Grading to encourage improvement rather than pass and fail norms

  • Learner-centred tutor support

  • Quality which have been achieved by pioneering an exhaustive creative curriculum

Edexcel is a part of Pearson Education, an international media company with world leading business in education, business information and consumer publishing. We have earned a Level 5 Certification from them, distinguishing us as a place to excel at and allowing us to offer several advantages:

  • The certification is accepted by the UK government and recognised globally

  • Pearson are affiliated with more than 200 universities

  • The certification is recognised globally as an entry qualification

  • We offer Level 5 certification, which reduces entry tests to universities