Where is BVSP located and why?

Where a photography school is located plays a big role in what resources, inspiration and opportunities are available for students. Quality photography training inside the classroom needs to be supplemented with outside enrichment and stimulation. Students need to be inspired by their surroundings and to have great examples of quality work within their reach. Bharati Vidyapeeth’s School of Photography is situated in Pune, a vibrant & bustling metropolis and probably the culture capital of Maharashtra. With a massive student population, the ever growing IT industry, the presence of stalwarts like Tata Motors, Bajaj Auto, Mahindra & Mahindra, Infosys and the right mix of culture in its vibrant theatre, music, and literary spaces, Pune has all the right ingredients to be the perfect location for a school of photography. The school is situated in a campus, which sits on 90 acres of land. It has medical, dental, engineering, fine art, homeopathy, Ayurveda, environmental studies, architecture and other disciplines. A 3-hour drive brings you to Mumbai, the capital of the entertainment & the media industry. It is also the capital of the advertising industry of the country. Opportunity abounds here.

What are the courses available at BVSP?

Photography schools need to have a good selection of courses that adequately prepare students for success in this dynamic and competitive industry. Courses should offer instruction in contemporary photographic tools and techniques, visual design, lighting, digital manipulation and much more. Bharati Vidyapeeth’s School Of Photography offers a 2-year Diploma in Photography & Digital Imaging and a 2-year Diploma in Photojournalism & Editorial photography. Within the Diploma in Photography & Digital Imaging , the school offers specialization in specific types of photography, such as food & beverage, products & Still- life, Industrial & corporate, fashion & people and more. Specialization can help you gain unique skill sets that set students apart in the industry. Also, BVSP is the only Indian institute to offer a unique 3- year Diploma Programme in Photography & Cinematography.

Who are faculty at BVSP?

It always helps students if the faculty members instructing them have proven professional experience in the photography industry. Industry-experienced faculty can pass on real- world knowledge, inside tips and an array of other helpful information. That is why our faculty are stalwarts of the industry and have successfully executed assignments for top national & international brands, corporate houses, publications, news agencies and Bollywood. They bring to the table vast reserves of experience gleaned from numerous professional & exacting shoots. Our guest faculties include Jaideep Oberoi, Avinash Gowariker, Fawzan Hussain, Tarun Khiwal amongst a host of others. Apart from photographers, other top notch industry related professionals like
leading Creative directors, graphic designers, painters, directors, potters are also part of our guest faculty.

What is the infrastructure at BVSP?

In order for students to become skilled in the use of industry-relevant photographic techniques, infrastructure, tools and technology, it is essential for the photography school of your choice to have the appropriate resources. Up-to-date resources also help ensure that course material remains current. Bharati Vidyapeeth’s School Of Photography can safely lay claim to the title of being the most up-to-date in India as far as infrastructure is concerned. Our studios measure about 5500 sq.ft., with the master studio measuring in at an impressive 2750 sq. ft. Students use equipment like Broncolor lights, Hasselblad & Phase One high-resolution medium format digital cameras (31, 40 & 60 megapixel backs), Sinar view camera systems,Blackmagic production 4k & URSA cameras,Cannon C300 & C500 cameras.Zeiss cine lenses. Chimera lightbanks and Manfrotto camera support systems in their daily schedules. Our digital labs are equipped with the latest Apple Macintosh workstations & Epson large format printers which students can use freely for assignments, coursework etc. The school has an excellent AV facility with a huge collection of instructional videos, movies & documentaries. Our newest facility has a master studio of almost 10,000 sq.ft in area with 28ft high ceilings. The facility also has a preview theatre, edit room, AV library amongst others.

What is the methodology followed at BVSP?

Learning in the classroom provides the building blocks of your education; however, having the chance to apply those skills in real-world settings is essential for becoming prepared to pursue success upon graduation. Students need to know how to use photography equipment and handle the challenges that arise while trying to take effective and compelling photographs in a variety of settings. Bharati Vidyapeeth’s School of Photography’s unique methodology of instruction ensures a very intensive hands-on approach to learning photography and its components. Simulated real world assignments and regular interactions with industry constituents like creative directors, visualizers, designers etc. prepare students for the field.