At BVSP, the foundation programme for our 2 Year Diploma and 3 Year Degree courses includes a 4 month Orientation Programme.

Students experience and interact with different forms of art and design which exposes them to different expressions of creative thought and opens their minds to diverse sensibilities. This also helps them understand vital elements like rhythm, balance, colours, form lines, helping them develop their own visual approach and aesthetic. The artistes also give our students invaluable insights and tips into photography live events in their fields of specialisations.

Some of the interactions students learn from are:

  • 3 days, immersive workshop with Junoon Theatre Company.
  • A Caricature Workshop with Prabhakar Bhatlekar.
  • A Pottery & Clay Hand Building Workshop with Aarti Manik.
  • A Calligraphy Workshop with the renowned Achyut Palav.
  • A Kathak Workshop with Manisha Abhay.
  • A Percussion Music Workshop with Shripad Bhalerao.
  • An Origami workshop with Bobby & Suman Vijaykar.
  • 15-20 days Photography field trip.